Ikasi Gym keeps the Elderly Healthy

Old people in Alexandra have turned to exercising in order to stay healthy. Many of them suffer from different diseases. They have joined the Ikasi Gym in 7th Avenue to stay healthy. Many of them joined the gym in the middle of the year after being recruited by Khehla Sithole. They suffer from diseases such as arthritis, sugar diabetes, high blood pressure and strokes. Sithole (42) suffered a stroke in february this year. It paralysed the left side of his body from the waist to his left arm. He said after being admitted to the Alexandra clinic nurses took him through some light exercises as part of some rehabilitation. Sooner Sithole found himself starting to walk slowly. Today he is back on his feet and would like to encourage those with the same diseases not to lose hope.

"I am still thinking about what would have happened if I had not taken the instructions of the nurses seriously," said Sithole. There are more than eight elders at Ikasi Gym. "We take exercising very seriously and cannot abandon it for anything," said Sithole. Lucy Makgolo (53) said she joined the gym after meeting Sithole. He advised her and husband George to join the gym. Makgolo suffered from a mild stroke but is not better. Her husband had a mild stroke. Since coming to Ikasi Gym the two say they enjoy mixing with their friends.

Coming here for exercise has become a habit for us. We wasted a lot of time by staying home and sympathised with each other," said Makgolo.

Tumi Masite, owner and manager at Ikasi Gym, said he was happy to see so many elders joining his gym. He believed that they could become much better by coming to exercise daily.