Ikasi gym is a safe haven for everyone in the Alexandra community to achieve their goals, whether regarding their lives or their fitness.


For some it’s a perfect pastime whilst doing something constructive, for others is a safe space away from drugs and other harmful acts. For still others, it’s a must be place for their ultimate fitness achievements. For our employees, it's a place of work. For some of us, it's a place of healing, where we challenge our bodies and our minds and seek to improve ourselves.

To meet some of its objectives, we are reaching out to funders to help us enhance the quality of life of our community. Your donations will go towards educating and enticing them to lead a healthy lifestyle thus prolong their lives.

As an NGO, the Ikasi Gym needs the support of generous donors and partners who support our dream and our ambition to help our members to improve themselves and their lives. At the same time, this helps us to uplift our community, encourage our youth to focus on improving themselves. 

Thank you for reading! To help us with any donations please contact:

Tumi Masite
071 356 3719