Ikasi gym has become a safe haven for everyone in the community to achieve their personal goals regarding their lives and fitness. For others it’s a perfect pastime whilst doing something constructive, others is a safe space away from drugs and other harmful things/acts, for others it’s a must be place for their ultimate fitness achievements, a healing process it is for others and for others it’s a place of work (members who ambition to become Mr. Universe).


About Us

Ikasi Gym is Alexandra's local gym, founded and managed by South African gold medallist Tumi Masite.


Ikasi Gym is at the head of many initiatives that uplift its local community of Alexandra and the people who live there.


Ikasi Gym Activities

  • Boxing
  • Body Building
  • Arm Wrestling
  • Aerobics
  • Weightlifting
  • Yoga
  • Physiotherapy